Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heat Wave

Turns out this was the hottest day, broke all the records
Its been rather warm the last few days Not that I'm complaining, I love the heat

Too much work no ride.
We have been doing some upgrades to our place so I don't have much time to ride, should get out tomorrow for our Thurs eve ride.
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ride 090724 Fromme 7th & Pipeline

Dustin and I did a lap on Fromme today.We rode the AM bikes, we did 7th secret then pipeline

This is Dustin on 7th

Dustin on the teeter on Pipeline

Dustin on the rock roller coaster on Pipeline
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Ride 090723 Thursday Evening Ride

The whether was a little cooler today, nice to get out on the big bikes for our thursday evening shuttle. Dustin got to try a G-Spot (don't worry Alonso we put a good tune up on it for you)
We rode the CBC Corckscrew Pingu Pangor We had Chaz, Dan,Stuart, Steve McCabe, Dustin, Pikey, Colin, Colleb,and Myself. We had a great rip and a stainless steel treat at the Church thanks to the Reverend.

Dan on CBC

Dustin On CBC

Dan on the Empress

Chaz And Pikey on the Empress
With Aussie watching on

I finally got a picture of Stuart not the greatest shot but i got a shot.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ride 090722 Cypress all mountain xc

We did an XC lap on Cypress this evening.
It has been good to get out and do some evening rides. We have been doing a reno on our place and i had to be home in the day to let contractors in and out.

Rode with John , Dustin, Dan, Stuart, Steve and myself.

Nice Out House "eh"


John rolling this nice steep techy rooty line

Steve on Same

And Dustin

Dan Leading the charge. Thanks .

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Ride 090721

Dustin and I rode with Stuart today we rode out of Blair range up old buck to severed dick. This is the only pic I got of Stuart, as he is to fast to get in front of him to get a good shot.

Dustin and me swapped bikes at the top of Severed Dick
His Giant Trance was nice It descended really well, he really liked the Hustler. It took us a few minutes to get used to each others rig.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ride 090720 Old Buck to Bottletop return

Good to have Dustin up from Reno
Steve Dustin and I rode out of Old Buck To Bottletop and return today. Dustin and I rode on Saturday as well we did a lap on G then Dustin Raced the BC cup at the Olympic Nordic center in the Callaghan Valley on Sunday.

Steve leading the way down Bottletop

Dustin on Same

Steve rolling up a rock on Bridal Path

Dustin on Same

I should have worn my Eco Ride shirt we would have looked like a Team
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Steve McCabes Warner Lake Pics

Taking Off from Tyaughton Lake

Coming in to Warner lake

Mitch ripping the trail along Warner lake, waiting for the rest of the crew.

Group shot left to right Jeff, Dustin, the Jew. Steve McCabe. Me Colin, Sasha, Mitch, and Trevor and Colleb were taking the photos

Back half of the pack rolling the beautiful singletrack

Dustin leaving Warner Lake

Pikey relaxing after a long ride through the nicest singletrack

Nice pics Steve
Thank You

Friday, July 17, 2009

Warner Lake Float Plane trip 090716

We had great adventure, 3 float plane shuttles 12 riders 30 miles 8 hours of flowing singletrack some climbs, elevation gain 2955', elevation loss 5,764', Max altitude 6,151' Min elevation 2,763'.
1 flat repair and one chain repair not bad.

Taking off from Tyaughton Lake.
Tyax Air
Thanks Dale (pilot) Awesome Service.

Going to get the next group
The bugs were pretty bad up here
6100 ft.

Looking back on Warner Lake

The Rev. Dustin

Steve negotiating a slide chute.

I'll be posting more photos.
We had a Blast.

Steve, Pikey and Jeff pushing up a steep climb up to Spruce Lake

Sasha and Pikey rolling some sweet single track

Trevor sporting a big smile.

Steve with a big smile check out all the wild flowers

Lots of flowy singletrack with spectacular views.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hyped to Go

I haven't posted for a few days I have been getting ready for this trip. We are leaving tomorrow for a float plane shuttle in the south Chilcotin from Tyaughton lake to Warner Lake by float plane then ride out 40K. We did the spruce lake trip last year but this year we are hoping to get into Warner lake which is higher elevation and a longer ride out, there are 12 of us going so should prove interesting we are all hyped so check back in a few days to see the pics and tales.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ride 090709 Thursday Evening

I haven't rode in a few days as I had to fix the Vans alternator (not that I'm bitchin this van owes me nothing 265,000k and still going strong) so It was great to get out and rip it up, we did the usual Thursday Evening ride on Seymour. Here are some videos of Pikey and A.T. on Salvation

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone.
No ride today the van blew an alternator so i have to deal with that.
Steve, Brent and me rode yesterday I never took any Pics, we just pinned er.
I have to get up to Whistler one of theses days, but its work today.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Ride 090702

Kelly , Steve McCabe and myself did a nice XC loop in the morning
up to lost lake.

We came across this very brave Grouse

Lost Lake

Kelly and Steve Rolling along Fishermans trail

Pikey On empress this is from our afternoon shuttle

rolling out
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