Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ride 2011 12 29

A Nice Day to get out for A little XC on the hardtails

Mother Nature providing some new obstacles
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Nothin puts A bigger Smile on the face of A real Cyclist than A pump Track.
Merry Christmas to All.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ride 2011 12 10-11

The weather has been good, cold and dry so we have been getting in All Mountain rides. I had eye surgery last week so i didn't ride mid week last week however on the weekend we rode a lap on coconut then on Sunday rode a lap on C-Buster out of Indian river via Baden Powell then a lap on coconut then bridal path to the shop via Greenland and Bottletop. For this time of year I'll take cold and dry over cold and wet any day. I ran into some old friends along the way. Its good to have weekends off as well for the next week until I go back to afternoons.
Sorry no pics.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ride 2011 11 28

Some days this time of year it is cold and rainy, all you really want to do is head south to ride in places like Mexico or the desert in the southern states. Then the sun comes out and even a cold and clear 2 Celsius is an awesome day for a ride.
Work day today however we still got out for a little rip.

Chaz checking out the singletrack on the Saturi 29er
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Monday, November 21, 2011

25000 Hits

Wow some time today Ride with Geezerhead hit 25,000 hits it looks to me it was some one in Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
Thanks everyone for checking in I will keep posting my rides and adventures
This is A shot of Steve McCabe and The Rev high above Reno last year
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ride 2011 11 18 Kona Saturi

Workin at the Cove bike shop has its privileges, Dick From Kona dropped by A couple of their new 29er Full Suspension Bikes the "Saturi"for us to try. We rode 2 days, yesterday on Coconut A trail we ride all the time, then today we rode Richard Juryn Trail out of the shop. The first thing you notice is the bigger wheels feel like they roll better. The Bike climbed well, I had not rode the sram 2x 10 yet so it would take a few rides to get used to the gearing. In the trail the bike responded well in the corners it had a very nice feel, was very stable on the descents rolling over roots in very wet conditions. On our more techy trails it rolled along nicely In my opinion this bike will sell, for XC on the shore which is All Mountain in most places. I have rode A few other 29er's this last year at interbike and this bike felt like the better product (IMO). The price point is $3400.00 this bike is very well spec'd. I am not ready to give up my Hustler any time soon, however if I was starting out or looking to get into XC this would be a very good buy, kona has A lifetime warranty on their frames.

A few weeks back Chaz and I rode with Stephan From Germany he is the designer of this bike, (good Job Bud)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ride 2011 11 15

Chaz, Keara (hope I spelled your name correct)
and Me rode 2 laps on Seymour as Keara was demo-ing A Devinci Wilson and A Cove STD

Was A great day for a ride. There was a little snow at the top of corckscrew.
Chaz took this shot of me on the same drop as last week

Kyra on Same.
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Ride 2011 11 10

Chaz and Me did a nice shuttle ride on Seymour yesterday.
The Injured Steve McCabe shuttled us.

Chaz Making sure the new STD has what it takes to be a Cove freeride bike, on a drop on Team Pangor, This trail has had some fresh loving lately from the Mud Bunnies Thanks ladies!!!
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ride 2011 10 20

A rainy Day ride Chaz, Mitch Stephan from Germany and me went for a rainy day rip down Seymour Mountain all be it wet the trails were in good shape
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Good to Be Home

We have been home for almost 3 weeks, It's sure good to be home.
Not that I didn't enjoy the fast flowy singletrack and epic views, the riding here is what I am familiar with, it is overall more technical . We also have roots and rocks in abundance. Don't get me wrong I would jump at the opportunity to travel to those destinations in the south and I will, I just love our riding, the change of seasons and sleeping in my own bed. I have about 22 gigs of go pro footage to sort through so stay tuned for A riding video of our trip. I apologize for my Hood River photos and my video got corrupt some how and didn't turn out, Hood River has become one of my most favorite destinations to ride, there is such a great riding vibe there and A great little tacoria. We have been getting in many laps all mountain riding I had one day at Whistler before it closed for the season it was A solo mission however I got many laps in. Steve McCabe is healing after his incident I wish him a speedy recovery. I am amazed at how many people follow the blog Thank You all and A Big Thanks to the Cove ( Chaz, A.T., Stuart and Daniel) You have expanded our boundaries, without You guys the riding that we have done in the 12 months could not have happened. Just Imagine what the future will bring.

Stay Tuned

Monday, October 3, 2011

Demo Tour 2011 Pemberton

A beautiful Morning in Pemberton Valley
To hand out Cove G-Spot's, STD's and Shockers.
We arrived on Friday Evening for Saturday and Sunday to let the public try our bikes on the Pemberton Valley Trails. I had never rode here before and what A treat it was nice Climbs (happy trail) Fast flowy single track
This is where we set up In the Pemberton Bike Co Parking lot

Heading out on an XC lap

After our XC lap we did A shuttle lap.This was the view from the Para glider launch site.

Chaz On this nice rock line

Pete from Bike Co. on the Cove S.T I.

The last view point

We had A great turnout and response from the riders in Pemberton. What A great riding destination I will definitely be returning to ride here again.
Thanks Sebastion and all the Pemby Bike Co staff.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interbike Tour 2012 Martis Lake Tahoe

We rode Martis Peak in Lake Tahoe
Today this was our second day here so we were getting to know the trails better

This was Mike
trying out a G-Spot for the first Time looks like it was working for him.

Steve McCabe and Chaz riding the yellow brick road

Chaz steady on the natural bricks

Martis peak in Lake Tahoe has some nice trails. I will definatly be coming back here.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Interbike trip 2011

This was last Saturday leaving Reno the Baloon Festival was on.

We did the dirt demos got some nice xc loops in we were pretty busy so I didn't get any show photos

We left Vegas Saturday morning to Mammoth
this is A little Xc loop we did when we got ther Mitch rode with the locals on some loose trails.

This is Steve McCabe at this nice little lake we rode up to then we shredded down the nicest single track the altitude was hard to adjust the Village is 7500 the main lodge is 8800 the top is 11000

Nice alpine shot Dustin Chaz and Steve.

some Views from mammoth

Chaz and Steve (Riding Holly's) and Dustin.enjoying the View from the top of Mammoth

Today we rode Rock Creek south of Mammoth
Very Nice trail, thanks John for the guide. I rode the medium Gspot again It was amazing. Endless singletrack you have to stop every now and then to let the smile on your face relax

Check out the rock slide waiting to happen.

We got the traile dialed and headed back to Reno to ride Martis again and Downieville I will keep you posted when I can. Helmet cam footage to follow

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interbike Tour 2011 (Reno/Tahoe)

Getting ready to ride Pea Vine peak to Cow Canyon

Steve McCabe riding a steep rock line on Martis peak on Friday

Dustin sending it

Mitch schooling us

Sunset over NorthStar
We rode the Bike park today had some good laps on my B-day It has been good rding here the last few days,the open singletrack in Pea Vine and the fast flowy berms in Martis and finishing off with Northstar bike park.
Thanks dustin for the tour. Tomorrow Morning we are off to Vegas and Bootleg Canyon. I will Keep you Posted

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rides 2011 07 - 08

I haven't posted in A while not that I haven't been riding we have been riding quite A bit. Lots of all mountain riding and shuttling about once or twice a week. We are getting ready for our annual pilgrimage to Interbike we will be doing demos on our way down and back so stay tuned.

Wed. evening shop rides have been a blast, this night we had 14 co workers and friends

Roy from Holland.

Jeff Hunter giving a clinic on the pump track
Nice shoes buddy.
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