Thursday, February 25, 2010

PV 2010 02 24

Pikey Steve McCabe and myself took a water taxi to Yalapa, I just did the day trip Pikey and Steve stayed for the party live band at Freddies moms place Angelinas. Time seems to stop when you get off the boat there are no cars in this village it reminded me of Negril Jamaica 28 years ago.

This guy wanted to charge for a photo
i said get that snake with legs away from me.

View of the beach from the upper village
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PV 2010 02 22

Steve McCabe broke his toe so we didn't ride yesterday and probably not today.

These kids were pushing this BMX bike along the beach at times the waves came up over the wheels.
Pikey and me went swimming in the ocean when we went in the waves picked up it was hard to get in but getting out was even harder I got pounded a few times then you think you could get out and it would drag you back out and pound you again
The guys Papentala flyers drop backwards off this pole and rotate upside down to the ground.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

helmet cam

PV 2010 02 21 a

Sunset hockey game we got to watch the game and a beauty sunset too bad we lost.

Oh well it was still A good game. this was a good spot to watch the game. The PV beach club you could sit on the beach and watch the game.

These senora's made the best chorizo and asada taco's and quesedilla's also great salsa and pepper salad love the street food this palce has.

My new favorite Cerveza is Barrilito
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PV 2010 02 21

The best pork tacos in PV

Today was by far my best day riding down here in the las 2 years.
We did 2 shuttle laps on jurillo we also got some good video on the helmet cam, this is Fabricio,s trailer he designed after ours.
This is Fabricio pinning it down just before he hit a stump and seperated his shoulder.
When we got out to the road a complete stranger threw us in his truck and we did another lap.
Another look at the scenery Alonso wore the helmut cam today
we were just looking at the footage it looks sweet.

We are off to watch Canada take on the US in Olympic hockey at Steve's sport's bar
Go Canada Go!!!
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

PV 2010 02 19

We checked out the cafe roma last night it was too smokey.

Steve and Pikey went to Yelapa yesterday.

Jackie and me stayed in PV and did some walking around and lounged by the pool.

This is a wall in the Veggie Buffet

This was the sunset from our terrace. This was the first full sunny day.

We are going to ride Jorillia today later with Fabricio
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

PV 2010 02 18

Today we rode pierde grande took the bus from downtown PV south of town then some fire road to a nice single track descent with a few techy sections then we rode about 18k back to PV

This was sunset last night from the condo terrace

Fire road after the bus ride

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The senior wanted $1.00 for photo of the donkey I said no

The crew checking out the canyon

Pikey and Dustin on the ride back we took a shot in front of Los Arcos

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PV 2010 02 17 Chill Day

We took A day off the bike today. I got up and walked over to the market picked up some fresh tortilla's then back to the condo for some scrambled eggs with fresh sauted onions and peppers in fresh tortillas with lots of fresh fruit.

Then we headed out in the rain to take in some sights.

Pikey and Steve on the malecon

The skies were opening up on us

Waiting for the downpour to end under a tent the streets had 6" of water on them.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PV 2010 02 16

Today we rode San Pedro we took an open air bus up to 1000m then we rode sections of singletrack and fire road descents

IMG_1695Pikey and Steve McCabe sitting in A prickly pear cactus we also found some other vegetation



 IMG_1702The crew  IMG_1713Linden sending it. IMG_1718Pikey as well IMG_1719Alonso IMG_1723 IMG_1726well another great day lots of fresh food this aft. we had some awesome barbequed chicken and lots of cerveza 

Monday, February 15, 2010

PV 2010 02 15

We rode Elsalto today the weather was not too warm I made most of the climbs which was much better than last year.

Dustin, Steve McCabe and Pikey on our way to Elsalto

Ranch Dog Linden and Alonso on the fire road

Pikey cooling down at elsalto waterfall

Steve McCabe watching Linden jumping off the waterfall

Pikey on the john deer

Dustin on the singletrack descent

Sunday, February 14, 2010

PV 2010 02 14 Happy St. Valentines Day

We woke up this morning put our bikes together then went to the market to get some fruit what a score they also had fish and shrimp in all shapes and sizes then Steve McCabe Pikey and Me went grocery shopping, that was pretty interesting considering between the three of us we can only speak a few words of Spanish.

Ranch dog and Linden called us they got a last minute flight so Pikey Steve McCabe and me rode over to the bike shop then went out for a little ride up the road to the swimming hole this shot is the arches on the way out of town

Tomorrow we are going to ride Elsalto
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Puerto Vallarta 100213

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta It was a very nice flight
Alonso and Alejandro picked us and our bikes up at the aeropuerto
Pikey checking out the plane at YVR

Steve McCabe back a few rows

Getting climatized with Alonso

The condo we rented is very nice
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