Friday, April 17, 2009

XC and Freeride Same Day

Steve McCabe and I rode XC bikes in the morning, we rode up Mount Seymour to Dales. Then descended Dales and After Taste which popped us out on the bridal path then we traversed back to Old buck Parking lot. My Xt wheel set blew up its second drive hub awsome wheels but a week drive hub. I've been told the problem should be fixed lets hope so. Shimano is standing behind their prouct so that makes me happy. We then got a bite to eat and then met up With Pikey and Colin for a shuttle ride they rode their hardtails (cove stiffee's) We rode Seymour again all downhill though. We did the usual Corkscrew, Pingu, Pangor session at the church then out the bypass. Then back to Steve's for another session and a couple of tall boy Lowenbrau.
What a great day
Video to follow

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