Friday, May 22, 2009

Ride 050921 XC In The Morning Freeride In the Evening

Yesterday Steve McCabe and I rode to Lost Lake about 9k out. We left about 10:30and meant to go for about 2.5 hours as I had to Install my front fork on my big bike before our regular Thursday evening ride, we got back at 2:30. After a quick hose to the bike and self I managed to get to the Cove Shop to Install my Totem. It sure is nice working for the Cove and having the shop there to use when you need it, not to mention the highly skilled mechanical staff.

This is Steve pinning it out of the Lost lake road

This is lost Lake

Nice lake EH
I still get Blown away by the Beautiful area we live in

Can you find the salamander

This is the area I mentioned before with the golden green moss and lichen the picture doesn't really do it justice

Looking towards spur 4 bridge

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