Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ride 090604 Squamish XC

Steve McCabe and I took a little road trip to Squamish. We have never riden here before.
So we got some directions and a map from the boys at Tantalus Bike Shop.

This was the View from Debecks hill a 2k grunt from Alice Lake Nice view

Steve descending on Rigs In Zen

We kept popping out to vistas like this.

Steve taking some shots.

Nice singletrack through large fir trees, arbutus trees and lots of shalal.

Steve on a rock on Crouching squirell Hidden Monkey.

This is Alice lake Provincial Park

A view from the high way heading home.

We rode out of Alice lake up Debecks hill to Rigs In Zen then Crouching Squirell Hidden Monkey
Then up brackentrail then Back up Jacks trail to Alice lake. I would sure do this ride again
bring some pads

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