Monday, September 19, 2011

Interbike trip 2011

This was last Saturday leaving Reno the Baloon Festival was on.

We did the dirt demos got some nice xc loops in we were pretty busy so I didn't get any show photos

We left Vegas Saturday morning to Mammoth
this is A little Xc loop we did when we got ther Mitch rode with the locals on some loose trails.

This is Steve McCabe at this nice little lake we rode up to then we shredded down the nicest single track the altitude was hard to adjust the Village is 7500 the main lodge is 8800 the top is 11000

Nice alpine shot Dustin Chaz and Steve.

some Views from mammoth

Chaz and Steve (Riding Holly's) and Dustin.enjoying the View from the top of Mammoth

Today we rode Rock Creek south of Mammoth
Very Nice trail, thanks John for the guide. I rode the medium Gspot again It was amazing. Endless singletrack you have to stop every now and then to let the smile on your face relax

Check out the rock slide waiting to happen.

We got the traile dialed and headed back to Reno to ride Martis again and Downieville I will keep you posted when I can. Helmet cam footage to follow

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