Monday, October 3, 2011

Demo Tour 2011 Pemberton

A beautiful Morning in Pemberton Valley
To hand out Cove G-Spot's, STD's and Shockers.
We arrived on Friday Evening for Saturday and Sunday to let the public try our bikes on the Pemberton Valley Trails. I had never rode here before and what A treat it was nice Climbs (happy trail) Fast flowy single track
This is where we set up In the Pemberton Bike Co Parking lot

Heading out on an XC lap

After our XC lap we did A shuttle lap.This was the view from the Para glider launch site.

Chaz On this nice rock line

Pete from Bike Co. on the Cove S.T I.

The last view point

We had A great turnout and response from the riders in Pemberton. What A great riding destination I will definitely be returning to ride here again.
Thanks Sebastion and all the Pemby Bike Co staff.
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  1. Tahoe to Pemby? What a minute- there was another destination inbetween, Missed?