Friday, November 20, 2009


Stewie's Friday Afternoon Ride
Stewart led us on A great rip With Mitch Shane Dan Steve McCabe and Myself we all rode cove bikes each a different colour I'll post the gps details in a minute
These pics are from Nuggies Bench at the start of bottletop this is the dance when you think the timer isn't taking pictures it is. The weather turned real ugly shortly after these pictures were taken Steve McCabe and myself had to hide under a tree in the cemetery from the hail then it started lightening and thunder very close.

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  1. nice crew, and it doesn't look that bad, we're getting a great fall here in neb, dodging lots of bullets and the temps have been in the 50's. not to shabby

    looks like you guys are having fun, stay dry, stay warm, and have a good one.