Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Cove G-Spot Review

Yesterday I was privileged to ride the new Cove G-SPOT for its first North Shore ride. (I do work for Cove part time and have owned several Cove bikes so I am slightly biased however I am not A techy geek I just like to ride) we got to ride the bike in Bootleg Canyon however I was too afraid of crashing on loose jagged rocks to put the bike through its paces.
The bike I rode was equipped with an Elka rear suspension 450lb spring and a Rock Shox Lyric on the front, Maxxis minion 2.35 fr & rear tires, the bike weighed in just under 36 lbs. I weigh 190lbs probably 200 + with gear and pack. I had owned the old G-Spot and got 5 + years on it before upgrading to the STD.
I did 2 laps on Seymour (CBC Corkscrew pingu team pangor and empress bypass). On the 1st lap we rode the CBC before making any adjustments to the bike then we softened up the rear suspension as it was a little too firm. The elka was very easy to adjust and get set up for my riding style and weight, after a few
little tweeks the rear end felt very plush, I then dialed in the Lyric to match the rear end.
My first impression was this bike pedaled much better than the old G-Spot (no bob)all the power went to the rear wheel, it felt very stable at speed the rear wheel tracked well and stayed on the ground. The bike cornered very well (similar to the old g-spot) it had a lighter feel to it. The lower BB felt very stable on the skinny's. The bike was very well balanced and had amazing low speed agility and maneuverability. In my summation this is a Cove bike, the bike tracked

very true and was quiet on the roughest trails these are attributes that all Cove bikes have. I think this bike will be a great fromme bike it will pedal up with ease and able to hit everything on the way down,you could lighten it up as well with a ti spring and lighter components.
Thanks Chaz, Brian and Stuart for the opportunity.Photos By Stephen McCabe


  1. Nice review, how tall are you in cm and what size was the frame?

    Shock stroke length?

  2. as with most proto types they are medium frames
    I am 5'7"inches 1.74m tall and would prefer a small frame as my STD is A small however I am probably on the cusp and my BMX background draws me to the smaller frame

  3. Im 183 centimetres = 6.00393701 feet and i currently own a 07 sx trail with a 50mm stem up front.

    Will this be the final production geo in this link?


    The geo seems identical to the current sc nomad witch ive been told people size up.

  4. is this frame--along with the bigger travel std frame--now a fantastic alternative to the bigger name but made in taiwan AND unavailable knolly delirium? i thinks so!

    the cove looks fan freeking tastic.