Friday, September 18, 2009

Ride 090917

We did our usual Thurs. evening ride. Sorry no pics. We rode with Steve McCabe, Stuart, Dan, Mitch, Pikey, Colin, the Jew, Myself and Jordon's 11 year old son Josh, what a Joy to follow this kid he has really good skills he never held us up once in fact I think we held him up. We rode CBC, Corkscrew, Salvation, Pingu, Pangor, watched Colin hit the pile driver again then down empress and bypass to old Buck parking lot.

Well its Interbike again time we are leaving tomorrow morning for the long drive to Vegas,We have a really good crew this year so it should be good. We are also going to dirt demos this time might get a ride in the desert. I am taking my camera so I'll post some photos when I get back, I dont have a laptop but maybe the rev will let me use his so I can do a post or two otherwise I'll have to wait to get back. We are also hooking up with Jon from Florida and Chris and Sonia from Puerto Vallarta/ Yoesemite. If you are like me (a bike freak) you have to take this show in it is all bikes road, mountain, BMX, commuter, even electric.

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